About Us

About us

Our Approach

World Traveler believes that good small businesses should have cost effective avenue for finding families and individuals looking for hotels and activities.  That is our motivation and profits come second.

Our Story

Moses Yamtal founder of World Traveler has been in the tour business for several years.  He started Yellowstone Safari Tours in 2012 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.  Five years later, he realized the importance of providing good small businesses and hotels with website listing that could enhance customer experience.

Meet the Team

Moses Yamtal is founder of World Traveler.  He passionately believes in good customer experience.  With the World Traveler website, he hopes to bring excellent small businesses and customers together.

Next Steps...

This website links you directly to hotels.  Our goal is to enable you book directly from hotels, vacation rentals and activities in various cities.  By so doing, you save money. We will continue to build database for more cities.   From the home page, "About Us" or "Contact Us" pages, you can type Bangkok, or whatever city you want a hotel and the list will show from lower to higher prices.  You can change preference from higher to lower prices, if that's what you want.