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Jackson Hole Wyoming is very popular and so are the hotels.  In World Traveler hotel website, you will find hotels around Bangkok, Manila, Abuja. Saving ten, twenty or even more dollars, can be an incentive to book hotel rooms directly from the hotels, instead of a third party company.  Especially when you travel frequently, booking from hotels can save money. Find hotels and book directly from hoteliers. World Traveler lists hotels, things to do, vacation condo rentals and tourist attractions. In the near future there will be more listings in select cities.


You plan to visit Yellowstone or you do not have time to visit this amazing park with its sister park, Grand Teton.  You may want to browse pictures our professional tour guides have taken over the course of few years.  Get inspired to visit or you may buy pictures from the following link: YELLOWSTONE PICTURES  Feel free to give the link to your friends.


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Visit Yellowstone:

National parks are a very important part of vacationing and recreation in the US and in several countries.  There are companies that offer things to do in many cities and small towns as well.  In Jackson Hole for example, you will find companies such as Yellowstone Safari Tours which specializes in park tours. Click on the following link:

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Wherever you travel, at some point you will be interested in attractions.  These attractions may be in the cities you visit or parks.  Our goal is to provide more and more activities around the world, for your benefit.

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Our Goal

World Traveler was conceived because of the need to make hotel, condo as well as activity listings readily available to tourists in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks.  Soon, the idea became global, as we realized similar needs in other parts of the world.

Our background in the tourism business, makes us fit to provide this type of service.

Our Goal

Find your hotel, apartment or things to do

In the Search Box at the home page, "About Us" or "Contact Us", type Bangkok for instance, and all the hotels in that city will show.  Prices will show from lower to highest.  In the drop box you can change from higher to lowest prices.   You can also type Bangkok apartments, and available apartments will appear.  Do the same for all cities.  We are still building the database, so you may not find hotels, apartments and activities in all cities.